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The mission of Asian American Unity Coalition is to forge unity among a diverse group of multi-cultural Asian American national or regional organizations to leverage the political clout needed to acquire equality in the free market system and build sufficient strength to fight off systemic and random discrimination in the U.S.A. google.com

Asian American Advancing Justice


Minority Business Development Agency

MBDA Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Agency Hosts 2018 National AAPI Business Summit with White House and Commerce Officials, Panels and More

Asian American Advancing Justice

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC Responds to President’s Primetime Speech: Urges the Congress to Reopen the Government

NBC News Asian America

In Congress, the Fight for Asian American and Pacific Islander Voices Hasn’t Slowed


Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez: Andrew Yang Must Be Included In The Debate

CNBC Make it - Money

Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is giving this New Hampshire mom $1,000 a month to show cash handouts work

NBC News Asian America

How this group helps Asian Americans go from city council to Congress:  “Every time an Asian American runs for office, they’re bringing more people out into the electoral process.”

NBC News Asian America

‘Beautiful and empowering’: Was 2018 the year Asian Americans took ‘yellow’ back?         Several Asian Americans used the term “yellow” in their work this year in an attempt to reclaim it, including “Crazy Rich Asians” director Jon Chu.  

NBC News Asian America Identities

After 50 years of ‘Asian American,’ advocates say the term is ‘more essential than ever’:  Academics trace the origins of the term “Asian American” to 1968 and University of California, Berkeley students inspired by the Black Power Movement.

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The Guardian Race and Sports

Slurs and stereotypes: why US pro sports leagues lack Asian American stars: Jeremy Lin’s dominance of the NBA turned out to be brief. But athletes don’t need to play for huge teams to prove their worth


Why Aren’t There More Asian Leaders? Strategies To Shatter The Bamboo Ceiling