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Welcome to Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC)

Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) came into existence through the historic conference held in Alaska in 2018 in which 12 unique AAPI organizations and 20 leaders representing 5 major ethnicities: Chinese, Indian, Philippines, Korean and Japanese Americans were present. The group came together to define the core values and the platform of AAUC. In 2019 the structure of AAUC is established with its Constitution and Bylaws to govern its operation. It has also obtained the 501c3 status by the end of the year. In 2020 AAUC elected its Board of Governors and its Executive committee.

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Full-Scale Civic Engagement

This is a Call to Action to increase our volunteerism, philanthropy, public policy advocacy, community service, voter registration, census participation, and political engagement at local, state, and national levels.

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Alice S Huang
Allan Fung
Aryani Ong
David Walberg
Elaine Su
Harbachan Singh
Hiral Pandya
Jan Xie
Lavanya Reddy
Lucy Hansen
Marsha Golangco
Mie Mie Joe Strickler
Mihir Maghani
Munsup Seoh
Niraj Baxi
Piyush Agrawal
Rakhi Israni
Raman Velji
Romesh Japra
Sanjana Chopra
Siddarth Mahendra
Sing F. Lo
Steven Pei
Tony Nakazawa
Vamshi Reddy
Xiaoyan Zhang
Yen Marshall

AAUC invites you and your Organization to be an integral part to carry out our mission together.
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