Organizational Structure & Board

AAUC Structure

• The General Body consists of all active members
• The Board of Governors is elected by the General Body
• The Executive Officers elected by the Board of Governors 
• Executive Committee is made up of the officers and standing committee chairs and the past president

Standing committees:

• Board Development Committee
• Constitution and Bylaws Committee
• Educational Program and Conference Committee
• Ethics Committee
• Finance committee
• Public Policy & Advocacy  Committee
• Public Relations Committee
• Strategic Development Committee

Ad hoc Committee: 

Board of Governors Election

Annual Election

To maintain a staggered board in the AAUC structure, about half of the Board of Governors will be elected each year. Nomination period usually runs in October with the slate of candidates ready for election in November. The term of office is two years from Jan 1 to the end of the term. The installation of the new board of governors will take place in December during the Annual General Meeting.

Eligibility for Voting and Candidacy:

• Must be AAUC members with good standing for at least 6 months prior to opening of the poll.
• A list of eligible voters and candidates will be sent out to the general body.
• Must use AAUC Nomination Form and Candidacy Filing Form.

Election Protocol: 

• An electronic ballot will be sent out to each eligible voter via email after the slate of candidates is established.
• Results of the election will be announced after the poll closes.
• The candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected to serve a two-year term.

Bylaws and Constitution

Final Updated Version 1.7.1 (Approved March 2021)
Please download Bylaws and Constitution in PDF format here. 


Asian Americans shall either win equal citizenship UNITED or suffer discrimination separately. To aspire to live as equals in a free market system like the U.S.A. where we represent one of the smallest minorities, we must UNITE to acquire sufficient strength to fight off discrimination.