NCLF 2020


The Power of We: VIP Preview Reception 

Opening Ceremony with Keynote speakers: Andrew Yang (former Presidential Candidate, entrepreneur) Yumi Hogan (first lady of Maryland) Jim Nielsen (CA State Senator)

Closing Ceremony with Keynote speakers: Lloyd Doggett (US Congressman, TX) Carol Moon Goldberg (President, League of Women Voters, CA), Awards Ceremony, Asian Americans Docuseries Selected Reflections.

We are Compasionate:  COVID-19 Sessions

1) COVID – 19 Session 1: UCA’s Efforts, Food of Love Program At this year NCLF, UCA is honored to present and share with the Asian American community its Food of Love program during the Pandemic and would like to discuss what impact this program has for the Chinese American community and beyond. 

2) COVID-19 Session 2: The Impact of Healthcare: As a nation, we have come together to address the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways.  What we have seen thus far from healthcare organizations and healthcare providers is the true meaning of the word endurance. Doctors, nurses, and the teams working on the front lines have gone through extraordinary measures to save lives and protect their communities through these challenging times. 

3) COVID-19 Session 3: Moving from Reaction to Action: Asian Americans have reported 2,600 discriminatory acts to #StopAAPIHate since the outbreak of covid-19.  The speakers on the panel have been on the frontlines in organizing community forums, leading public awareness campaigns and promoting a better understanding of Asian Americans and our community.  

4) COVID-19 Session 4: Challenges for US Small Businesses : Panelists will discuss the unique nature of how the COVID-19 crisis poses a new set of challenges for US small businesses as they find their way toward recovery. Many faces muted demand, new customer expectations, and operational challenges because of health and safety restrictions. All COVID-19 Sessions panelists will deliver their foundation’s work on how Asian Americans contribute during these days. Each session has a different point of view.


5) COVID-19 Session 5: Service for Others – Asian American Inspiring and Challenging Stories During COVID-19: As the world was embroiled in the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the U.S. took immediate actions in relief efforts to help others in the community, including healthcare workers, first responders, senior centers, homeless shelters and underserved communities.




We are diverse:  

1) Racism Is A Virus: Stop the Spread!We will screen the #RacismIsAVirus PSA (public service announcement) and have Asian female leaders to talk about the 2) impact of COVID-19 on themselves, their community, as well as concrete ways they are doing to combat Racism.

3) Who are YOU? Who AM I? Who are WE? A discussion on Indonesian Americans and their impact on the Great American tapestry: 3)As a burgeoning immigrant community in the United States, Indonesian Americans are not as well known here like their more established immigrant counterparts who have settled in here for decades – even centuries! 


4) AAPI LGBTQ: The experience of LGBTQ youth is often a difficult and quiet struggle. Even more so when you add in the intersection of being a member of the AAPI community. This panel discusses their personal experiences and expertise to help bring understanding and how to be strong allies.


Celebrating the Release of Asian Americans Docuseries with Chinese Subtitles: The release of Asian Americans docuseries in the month of APIA heritage month (May) was a landmark event of 2020 for AAPI community.Over 30 highly skill language professionals volunteered time to participate in this effort. After more than 2 months dedication and hard work, the project is successfully completed with high quality and professionalism and is now ready for the debut of Asian Americans docuseries with Chinese subtitles.

Creating Racial Harmony During Social Unrest: Racial conflicts in America has a long history of ebbs and flows, resulting in continuous social unrest especially during challenging times. Is there any solution to end the racial disharmony in America? This panel discussion will explore the possibilities of creating racial harmony through the speakers own positive experiences of working together for the common good

Combating Islamophobia: Anti-Muslim bigotry and racism including institutional and individual prejudice against American Muslims, a majority of whom are of Asian descent, have been steadily on the rise in the United States affecting millions of individuals and families.

Listening Across the Racial Divide: Community leaders from five ethnic-minority organizations will interview people from outside their ethnic group who are victims of racial discrimination and violence. This exercise is designed to explore cross-cultural empathy as well as to gain insights from victims on what they would like to see in a more perfect world. These interviews will be recorded and played at this NCLF education session. The community leaders will be present to discuss their learnings.

Asian American Women Authors Forum: This panel discussion will explore the roles of Asian Americans in writing through the speaker’s own experience of overcoming obstacles and prejudice to express what is important to them.


Learnings from Minneapolis: Building Black and AAPI Solidarity in the Wake of George Floyd and a Global Uprising: In the wake of the killing of George Floyd and a global uprising in support of Black lives, AAPI’s across the nation are asking themselves questions about what AAPI and Black solidarity looks like and what our role is as AAPI’s in the movement for building a more just world. 


Roundtable with Chef Ranjan Dey Groundbreaker and Innovator Member event with Chef Ranjan Dey on Indian Cooking: Join AAUC at 2020 NCLF for a cooking conversation with Chef Ranjan Dey on Indian Cooking Techniques. Chef Dey will teach us how to make a delicious dish in your own kitchen and will incorporate his techniques through the art of Indian cooking. He will also explain about the top spices and herbs that flavor Indian food and techniques like tempering that show how and when to use these ingredients. You will be able to see these patterns first hand.

Home Cooking with Chef Martin Yan: Join Martin Yan a celebrity chef (TV host of “Yan Can Cook” on PBS) for a live cooking presentation of delicious dumplings!

Indonesian Culinary Demo with Chef Yono: Join us for a Indonesian Culinary Demo and Q & A with Chef Yono!

Fish Sauce and Other Remedies with Chef Katie Kwan: Felicia Chanco (Media Chair, 2020 NCLF) will be in conversation with Katie Kwan (Chef + Founder, Rice Paper Scissors) “around the table” where they invite attendees to join them in wrapping or rolling a dish. Based on the customs that brought families and communities together to have meaningful (and sometimes hard) conversations,