Welcome to Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC)

The AAUC is a non-sectarian, non-political, nonpartisan, non-profit and secular organization engaged in gaining EQUAL CITIZENSHIP for all ASIAN AMERICANS and PACIFIC ISLANDERS (AAPI) TO ACHIEVE THEIR AMERICAN DREAMS by FORGING UNITY among all AAPI organizations to be UNITED AND EMPOWERED TO SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE. This coalition will mainly consist of national and regional AAPI Organizations from over thirty ethnically distinct groups from Asia and other Pacific regions as recognized by the United States Bureau of the Census.

The primary purpose of AAUC is to forge unity among a diverse group of multi-cultural AAPI national and regional organizations to develop civic leadership, build political clout, fight against racial bias, and achieve equality for the AAPI community in the USA.

The Coalition is an Advocacy Group to promote the best interests of the AAPI Communities.

The objectives of AAUC shall be:

•  To CONNECT, COORDINATE, COLLABORATE, CONTRIBUTE, UNITE and EMPOWER: create an interactive and collaborative platform among the diverse components of the AAPI community to build trust and unity.

•   To build trust and unity by participating and supporting the signature activities of member organizations and leveraging their strength to benefit other members.

•   To choose issues that affect the majority of AAPI from among the issues compiled by the standing committee as suggested by various ethnic organizations. The issue(s) chosen must have relevance to living conditions of AAPIs in USA. The Coalition shall stay away from individual complaints.

•   To choose issues that may have importance at various levels of governments: local, state and/or national.To encourage all ethnicities to interact/unite with each other on a common cause issue or in a bilateral/trilateral/multilateral issue and to build trust in the process.

•   To provide political education and leadership training as an enabling tool for the rise of all AAPI to SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE at the local, state and national levels.To promote unity, equal access to education, to work place, to political offices, and empower the AAPI Communities for upward mobility.

•   To establish a working relationship with various levels of governments: local, state and/or national, to show the strength and unity of the AAPI community, and to raise the awareness and support major AAPI issues and events starting in the year 2020 and beyond.

AAUC invites you and your Organization to join it at your earliest convenience so we can start mission with your cooperation as early as possible. Fill out an Application Form to join AAUC.